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A Comprehensive Resource For Families Coping With Birth Injuries...

As parents information is never enough, that's why I am always looking and searching for all the information and resources as parents we need to have up-to-date... 

When I found Birth Injury Guide, I just said wow! I have to share with all my friends, In Birth Injury Guide you can find high-quality information available for all of us.

Birth Injury Guide website is staffed by a birth injury advocacy group, based out of Houston, TX. 

They work with professional writers and researchers, medical providers, attorneys, and other birth injury experts to produce the most comprehensive birth injury information source available.

They are not trying to replace the information provided by medical and legal experts. Instead, they hope to provide information that will allow parents to be informed enough to ask the questions that they need to ask in order to be comfortable with the information that they are receiving.

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