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Love to share with you a great place for family fun... solitaire.org

Hi my loves, as you all know, I am always looking for stuff that as a family we all can share, and why not for "solo" times... and I am a believer that when finding something great you have to share it! This page is www.solitaire.org but no, is not just for solitaire... On this page, we have a world of choices, a lot of great games...  Jonathan's faves are card games...  but I and Rause prefer and enjoy a lot hidden objects games... Some of the categories you can find here are Solitaire, Mahjong, Hidden Objects, Card Games, Connect 3, and other fun games... It is a world of diversity and you never get bored,  Rau and I have 3 favorites games that we are playing now, as I told you Hidden Objects, are... Garden Secret, Pirates and Treasures, The Palace Hotel... Oh my god! how fun they are, and cognitive, I think these kinds of games are great for our mind to work and be active...  Their graphics are cool and the sound too...  nothing is annoying and something I also like t